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Expert Witness Testimony

In cases of dispute regarding the interpretation of a deed or the position of a property line or easement line on the ground you may require the services of a Land Surveyor to testify in a court of law on your behalf as an expert witness. The land surveyor is a member of a professional team that may include title companies, attorneys and others. The Land Surveyor provides testimony regarding his/her interpretation of deeds and location of the property lines or easement lines as described in the deed. The courts may rely heavily on the testimony of the Land Surveyor. Britt Surveying & Associates, Inc. has Land Surveyors with experience in this area of land surveying. We can provide you and your attorney with the necessary expertise and advice to help you determine the position of lines described in your deed. We also provide maps and plats for court exhibits as required. This is a highly technical and complex service that is not provided by all Land Surveying firms. With over one hundred years of combined professional land surveying experience our staff has the expertise to fill your needs in this area.