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Boundary Survey (most common survey ordered)

With over 60 years of experience in preparing over twenty thousand boundary surveys from 6,600 Square feet to 21,000 acres, Britt Surveying & Associates, Inc. has been relied upon by title companies, attorneys, developers and city and state agencies to prepare their surveys. We will research your deeds through the public records, title policies, city and county survey records, to assure you of an accurate, defensible and fully insured boundary survey. We constantly seek new and continued learning in our field to insure compliance to the Florida laws that govern surveying. We also search the court records for new case law concerning occasional problems that arise with boundaries in Florida. Our staff is experienced in coordinating our field work to expedite the daily operations taking place on these large tracts. We utilize the latest technology in GPS receivers and rovers, so these large tracts can be surveyed very efficiently and economically. We can also prepare your conservation easements, surveys for Trusts or estate planning, and large unrecorded tracts of land outside of the subdivision ordinances. We would love to sit down and discuss your needs and time frame on any project, big or small.