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It happens all over the world even in your neighborhood. Having a survey does not ensure that you will not have a dispute, but it can resolve issues about property lines.

Claiborne deputies investigate land dispute shooting

Claiborne County Sheriff's Deputies are investigating a Thursday evening shooting that apparently started as a land dispute, according to CCSO Capt.

Supreme Court to hear Florida beach property rights dispute

Homeowners with private beachfronts on the Gulf Coast have sued over a government program that added sand to eroded beaches and made the new strip of land public property.

5 killed over land dispute in Kalat

QUETTA: Five people were killed in Kalat district on Friday in a dispute between Nichari and Bangulzai Baloch tribes over a piece of land, police said.

Neighbor's dispute over 3ft fence ends in hammer and knife attack

A year-long neighbour's dispute over a 3ft high wooden fence ended with one attacking the other with a hammer and a knife

Man alleged to have shot neighbor over fence dispute pleads innocent

Police say a neighborhood dispute ended when one man threw a beer can and the other threw lead. An argument over a fence led to the wounding of one Pleasant Street man, the arrest of his neighbor and the confiscation of guns and ammunition from the man's house

Norfolk neighbors go over the edge over shrubbery

Lake front property obscured by a neighbors new hedge that leads to bulldozer damage and neighbor arrested